There has been some unrest in Bolivia after Evo Morales had to effectively leave the country due to protests against his presidency, he has been accused of rigging the last election and  had to leave the country for Mexico, who offered to take him in. There is now an interim government until new elections have been held. Do not be put off by these disturbances, the country can be visited, the borders are open and there is now little or no unrest, the route from Puno to La Paz and onto the Salt Lakes is very accessible. I have lived in amongst all this in Peru for twenty five years and when you have such distinctive social classes and poorly distributed wealth then you will always have these turbulences. As someone who managed an incoming operation in Peru, if you have a disturbance you just re organise the operations and often the client is not even aware of what had happened, that is the skill when you are being taken care by an organisation which is professional and well organised.

Enjoy Bolivia.

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