Ruins of Tiwanaku ( 550-1000AD). About 1 hour from La Paz and regarded as one of the most significant Andean Civilizations.… Read More

Peruvian Civilisations

  Peru in my opinion has more ancient civilisations under one roof than any other country in South America and let’s start with Lima. If you travel from Lima south along the Pan American Highway, you will in less than … Read More

Combine Peru with Bolivia

  These two countries are very easy to combine in a holiday as the Bolivian border is easily accessible and straightforward. With just twelve days you can visit both countries, the mix could go this way : Day 01 : … Read More

Golfing in Peru

  Here is an idea to combine an interest with a holiday, Golfing in and Peru. This country has an active Golf Culture with most of the courses found in and around the capital of Lima. Places such as Lima … Read More

Peru Travel Tips – Healthcare

  You will have a wonderful time in Peru, but there are a number of things you should be aware of to make your travels as safe and enjoyable as possible. First things first It’s important when you travel to … Read More

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