Travel Peru showcases the wonders of Peru and Latin America and offers a unique service

If you are elderly, disabled or a group  and you would like an experienced tour leader to realise your dreams and to open up to you the delights and gems of Peru or South America, look no further you have come to the right person, I can accompany you.

Once we have established your need for a Tour Leader which would be myself, aided by my knowledge and experience, we can set about discussing and exploring all that you would like to do, after which we can design the perfect program for you.

  • What you would like to see
  • Level of hotel infrastructure
  • Transportation
  • Entrances
  • Flights
  • Etc

Of course we can mix in all kinds of experiences, such as a certain amount of overlanding as opposed to flying, some adventure, such as rafting, trekking, jungle,or we can just take a soft journey with flights, trains and short journeys by road, it all depends on yourselves.

25 years Experience

I have lived and worked in Peru for 25 years and I am passionate about the rare treats it has to offer the discerning traveller. During this time I have also travelled and worked extensively across other countries in South America, not least Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. Take advantage of my extensive knowledge and experience to start planning your trip to Peru today!