Argentina – the second biggest state of South America, has a surface of 2.8 million square kilometres. The country has 33 million inhabitants and nearly half of them live in the surroundings of Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world. Argentina is a fascinating land of contrasts where the exceptional is almost commonplace. It is home to an abundant wildlife, enjoys a unique culture, and delights in an astonishing variety of landscapes from the tropical rain forest in the north, to the remote vastness of the Antarctic in the South. Three big landscapes form the country: the Andes in the west, the northern and western flatland, and the wide plains of Patagonia in the South. This country, which is stretched in length, has three climatic zones: tropics in the north, moderate in the centre and polar in the extreme South. The Indian aborigines only live in the north-western Andean region and in the north-east province of Misiones. The rest of the population is mainly composed of European immigrants. The official language is Spanish, but in bigger towns English is also quite common.

Chile – squeezed between the Andes and the Pacific, with a maximum width of 350 kilometres, which makes this country quite narrow and with a coastal length of 4.300 kilometres. For many people Chile is still a white spot on the map, but there lies here an extremely rich and original natural beauty, that makes this country with its friendly population a very attractive destination. It units the driest desert of the world, abundant forests, as well as fantastic glaciers and fjords. The European influence can be noticed in the towns and by the people with their culture and politeness. That is why Chile today is one of the highest developed countries of South America.

Day 01 – Friday                                                                      Buenos Aires / Approx. 33, 5 km

  • Transfer international airport Buenos Aires – Hotel

Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Buenos Airesis not only the capital of Argentina; it is also one of the 10 most important metropolises in the world and the centre of the political, economic, and intellectual life of the country. This cosmopolitan city - with great European cultural influence - displays a refined taste in its cooking, in its” boutiques” and in the elegance of its inhabitants. Almost 12 million people live here, and you can enjoy the plentiful night life visiting” tango” bars, cabarets, discotheques, restaurants, or eternally open bars. During the day, a wide variety of attractions are offered: museums, art galleries, tasteful shops, fascinating antiques, large green areas, parks, wide tree lined boulevards, clubs, and sporting events. The Italian-Spanish descent of the inhabitants has formed this modern metropolis. Feel the flair, above all in the Italian old quarter La Boca and in the wide streets with cafes from the turn of the century. At the Plaza de Mayo, in the political centre of town, is the starting point of this tour through this exciting capital. The widest street of the world, the very famous opera house and the shopping street Florida make Buenos Aires unforgettable.


Overnight at Hotel Loi Suites Esmeralda 3* (local category 3*) or similar (1 room apartment)


Overnight at Hotel Grand Brizo Buenos Aires 4* (local category 5*) or similar (comfort room)

Day 02 – Saturday                                                                     Buenos Aires / Approx. 50 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
  • Half day city tour Tour including stop at a historical Café (5h)
  • Dinner & Tango show at Viejo Almacén Tango House (5h) - On shared basis

Get in touch with the birth city of the Tango!

During your city tour in Buenos Aires, you will drive along Avenue 9 de Julio, the widest avenue in the world, you will pass close to the Colon Theatre, one of the world's best known opera houses and the cultural pride of the "Boanergeses".

Visit the famous Avenida de Mayo that runs into the Plaza De Mayo, surrounded by the Casa Rosada (Government House), the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Cabildo (first City Hall, built during Spanish rule). At the other end of Avenida de Mayo, the cupola of the Congress building can be seen.

Stop and inside visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, this imposing neo-classical building is Argentina´s main catholic building. The mausoleum of General San Martin (our National Hero) is located inside the Cathedral, and Pope Francisco used to celebrate religious services in this Cathedral when he was cardinal of Buenos Aires city.

We will stop for a cup of coffee and a snack at a traditional coffee house.

Your next stop is La Boca, a colourful area with the famous street Caminito.

Continue to the north and visit the area of Recoleta, one of the city’s most glamorous spots. Here you will see elegant boutiques and excellent restaurants, surrounded by centennial trees.

The heart of the neighborhood is the Recoleta cemetery. The cemetery is the centre of this aristocratic neighborhood, and the most important personalities of Argentina’s history rest in this place. The mausoleums and pantheons reflect the architectural diversity emerging from the different cultural tendencies Argentina incorporated in its formation as a nation. The cemetery is one of the most impressive monuments of Argentina, which includes a visit to Eva Duarte`s grave, known as Eva Perón (Evita).

In the evening, you will be taken to the tango house Viejo Almacén, because visiting a Tango Show is a MUST when you are in Buenos Aires!

El Viejo Almacén became a unique place thanks to its historic location and an authentic style nourished by popularity built through the years. Every night its doors are open to enjoy an impressive tango show performed by prominent interpreters of the tango scene, a demonstration of Andean music, as well as exquisite cuisine.

The Tango tradition started at the end of the 19th century, and developed out of a mixture of various rhythms, which were originally danced in the poorer neighborhoods. Tango is reflection of the nostalgia and melancholy of the European immigrants and from here came some great musicians, such as Astor Piazzolla and Anibal Troilo.You will enjoy a show with music, singing and dancing. The dinner includes entrée, main course,

Dessert & drinks.
After the tango show return to the hotel, arrival around midnight.

**Remarks: The excursion is shared with international travelers. The transfers hotel-tango house and vv. take place with other international travelers from different hotels and Spanish speaking driver.   


Overnight at Hotel Loi Suites Esmeralda 3* (local category 3*) or similar (1 room apartment)


Overnight at Hotel Grand Brizo Buenos Aires 4* (local category 5*) or similar (comfort room)

Day 03 – Sunday                                                                                                     Buenos Aires

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Day at leisure

Day free at leisure – following optional tours can be booked with our local TRAVEL PERU office:

Optional: Tour to the Tigre and Delta of the Parana River (4h) - On shared basis

The Tigre Delta with its rivers, streams and numerous green islands is a very attractive area. The continuous sediment of the Paraná River, which gives the river its particular brownish red colour, forms the Delta islands.

You will drive through the outskirts of Buenos Aires to the aristocratic northern district of San Isidro to get to Tigre. Tigre is a charming town with a considerable number of summer residences, yachting, and rowing clubs, which represent the weekend activities of many "porteños" (inhabitants of Buenos Aires). You will enjoy a 1h-boat-excursion on the channels of the Tigre-Delta to see some of the hundreds of islands covered with exuberant vegetation.

**Remark: The transfers and the boat navigation are on shared basis with international travelers.

This tour will finalize with drop off at one of the locations below, not at the hotel (guests can choose & coordinate with tour guide best drop off point according to their convenience)

Drop Off points:

-Puerto Madero area / Woman`s Bridge

-Galerias Pacifico – mall in the corner of Avenue Cordoba & Florida

-Avenue Santa Fé & 9 de Julio

-Juncal & Cerrito


-Colon Theatre

-Irigoyen & Lima Street

Optional: San Telmo Antique Fair tour (3h 30min)

San Telmo is the best kept historical neighborhood and oldest district of Buenos Aires.

The San Telmo Antique Fair is one of the most important attractions that the city of Buenos Aires has to offer. Every Sunday Plaza Dorrego looks different when it hosts over 270 stands that offer their unique antiques for sale. Gramophones, gramophone records, antique clothes, jewels, trinkets, postcards, calendars, books, iron-fittings, lamps, and an endless number of ornaments may be found in this traditional fair, organized by the Museum of the City, which has developed an internationally acknowledged identity.

The bars nearby take their tables out onto the sidewalk and the whole adjoining area is full of musicians, singers, tango dancers, mimics; on Sundays San Telmo is an authentic Argentinean feast. Here you will have time to stroll around Plaza Dorrego, you will be caught up in the atmosphere that is purely “Porteño” (the way residents of Buenos Aires are called), you will see some wonderful open-air shows, hear some veteran tango singers, buy something original at the flea market and get an idea of what Buenos Aires and their culture is really about.

**Remarks: Market is only open on Sundays

Optional: Excursion to San Antonio de Areco "Meeting Argentine Pioneers" with lunch (9 hs)

In the morning you will be picked up from your hotel in Buenos Aires to explore San Antonio de Areco, a historic village in the heart of the Argentine pampas and known as the "cradle of traditions".

This preserved colonial town was founded more than 280 years ago; with its cobbled streets, old bars (“Pulperías”) and Estancias, which has kept alive the gaucho lifestyle and customs.

Set on the banks of the peaceful “Areco” river, the town has retained the authentic atmosphere of a small old village with its “siesta” time, artisan´s shops and very relaxed people.

Over 30 different silversmiths make this town the centre of the traditional Argentinian silverworks known as “platería criolla”. In a variety of distinctive styles, they produce gaucho´s knives, jewellery, and many fine pieces of art, in their workshops open to the public.

Home to the oldest Gaucho Festival in the country, the “Día de la Tradición”, which is held in November, San Antonio gathers thousands of gauchos from all over Argentina.

Since 1939, there is an entire week of exhibitions, dances, folkloric music and displays of traditional gaucho skills on horseback. Furthermore, this town was the setting for Ricardo Güiraldes´ Argentinian classic, “Don Segundo Sombra”: the most recognized work of gaucho literature in prose, based on the life of a local character.

Arrival to the colonial city, you have the opportunity to take a mate tea, coffee or a refreshing drink and a snack in an old "Gaucho Bar". Meanwhile, you will learn more about the history and local social life and customs of the city. Afterwards, you will visit a social center where people with different disabilities make the handmade "Alpargatas" (typical gaucho work shoes). You will also talk to a local Gaucho painter and visit his 140-year-old studio, which exhibits Gaucho painting.

The lunch consisting of empanadas, a main course with French fries or salad, dessert, coffee or tea (drinks that you pay directly in the Pulpería or Parrilla are not included), will be enjoyed in an old local restaurant.

After lunch, you will take a walk to the green area, the main square of the gauchos, the museum and the chocolate factory.

At 4 pm return to Buenos Aires.

With this excursion you will support the traditional community, which strives to preserve the ancient traditions of Argentines.

Full day visit includes:

  • A light breakfast with coffee or soft drink, croissant, or a sweet pastry
  • Reception in the workshop where the espadrilles are made and an introduction to the daily work procedure.
  • A donation of USD 2 per person
  • Entry to the studio of the gaucho painter with lecture and demonstration of his painting, and a souvenir drawing
  • Lunch: Empanadas, main dish with meat and french fries or salad, dessert, coffee, or tea (does not include drinks that are paid directly in the Pulpería or Parrilla)

**Remarks: The excursion takes place on private basis with English speaking guide. Due to the opening hours of the social center (only between February and December) and the studio of the Gaucho painter, these inclusions may be replaced by other social projects.

Optional: Buenos Aires Biking tour – northern area Palermo and Recoleta (4h)

Buenos Aires city tour on a bicycle will be an unforgettable experience, where security, good-fellowship, fun and acquired knowledge are the principal characteristics. You will visit for example the Recoleta Cemetery, the parks in Palermo and the San Martin Square.

The tour starts at the San Martin Square (or if booked on private basis at your hotel). After passing by the University of Law, you will see Buenos Aires most modern landmark, the Floralis Generica, a huge flower sculpture made of steel and aluminium, which opens and closes its petals depending on the time of the day. We will pass in front of the Buenos Aries Zoo and will stop to admire some statues and monuments, which are in the Palermo parks. We will continue to the Recoleta Cemetery, the final resting place of some of Argentina’s most renowned citizens such as Eva “Evita” Peron. You will have some time to explore the place on your own. The last part of the tour will take you to the trendy streets of Palermo Hollywood. Here you can find many design boutiques, owned by local young designers, as well as many art galleries, fashionable cafes, and restaurants. Afterwards return to Plaza San Martin, where the tour ends (or if booked on private basis the tour can end at your hotel)


Difficulty: low

The tour takes place with English/Spanish speaking guides.

Helmets, child seats, rain gear, medical assistance, a bottle of mineral water and bicycles are provided.

Shared tour (together with other international passengers): Daily departures 09:30 AM or 02:00 PM. The transfer to the start/endpoint of the tour is not included.

Private tour: guaranteed with 2 or more passengers. By booking the tour on private basis the tour can start/end at the hotel (against a surcharge).


Overnight at Hotel Loi Suites Esmeralda 3* (local category 3*) or similar (1 room apartment)


Overnight at Hotel Grand Brizo Buenos Aires 4* (local category 5*) or similar (comfort room)

Day 04 – Monday                                                      Buenos Aires – Ushuaia / Approx. 17 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transfer hotel – domestic airport Buenos Aires
  • Flight Buenos Aires – Ushuaia (not included)
  • Transfer airport – hotel incl. short city tour with photo stop

Transfer to the domestic airport for the flight to Ushuaia.

Upon arrival at Ushuaia airport transfer to your hotel.

On your way to the hotel, you will do a short orientating city tour with a photo stop at one of the panoramic viewpoints of Ushuaia.

Ushuaia is the capital of the territory and the most southernmost city in the world. Like Rio Grande, Ushuaia has grown fast in the last few years, thanks to immigration and the electronics industry in the area. You should not miss the End of the World Museum (the old prison) and to explore some restaurants to try the excellent spider crabs. A walk around the harbor is interesting too, where some old boats can be seen. Ushuaia and its scenery inspired the research and fantasies of Jules Verne, Fitz Roy, Charles Darwin, and Emilio Salgari.


Overnight at Hotel Patagonia Jarke 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Cilene del Faro 4* (local category 4*) or similar (garden view room)

Day 05 – Tuesday                                                                             Ushuaia / Approx. 219 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch (only at the Penguin Colony navigation Tour)
  • In the morning half day tour Tierra del Fuego National Park
  • In the afternoon Trekking at Isla Martillo and Estancia Harberton Tour (6h) - On shared basis


  • Penguin Colony navigation Tour including Box lunch (5h) - On shared basis

In the morning you will take a half day tour to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, where you will feel that the time goes slower than anywhere else.

The long stormy winters and the width of the sky forms a very simple and modest way of living. The National Park is crossed by many rivers which flow into the Beagle Channel.

Drive through the park to enjoy the landscapes and have a little walk.

In the afternoon transfer from the city of Ushuaia to the northeast and along National Road 3 and provincial route J to Estancia Harberton, it’s a rustic way with unpaved roads in some sections of the trip.

Estancia Harberton is located 90km (56mi.) from Ushuaia city and on the shores of Beagle Channel. Upon arrival at Harberton you can look around the farm and learn something about its origins. The estancia was founded in 1886 by the Anglican missioner Thomas Bridges and it is the oldest building on the island.

Later, you will take a short sailing trip (15min one way) aboard semi rigid boats in order to cross to the Island of Martillo. At this point you will have the chance to watch a colony of Magellan and Gentoo penguins and walk close to them.  The first penguins will arrive at Isla Martillo by late October (just few couples can be seen). Best penguin season is from mid-November until mid-April.

Penguins share their habitat with different birds, so you will see during the walking tour: skuas (main penguin predator), albatrosses, petrels, cormorants, and other birds from the area.

Return to Estancia Haberton aboard the semi rigs boat (15min navigation trip), some time at leisure to visit the Birds and Sea Mammals Museum before returning to Ushuaia city by land (2h), 90km (56 mi.).

**Remarks: the tour takes place on SIB Basis (shared with other international travelers), subject to availability in the moment of the booking.

Bilingual guide: English / Spanish

Bird and Sea Mammals’ Museum entrance fee not included.

Difficulty: Low. This is an ideal tour for adventurous people who enjoy close contact with nature, visit to Isla Martillo is a nice experience but it can be very cold and windy (there is no place to be sheltered while visiting this island).

This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

In case that the Trekking at Isla Martillo and Estancia Harberton Tour is not available, the following alternative excursion will be provided:

Penguin Colony navigation Tour including Box lunch (5h) – On shared basis  

Before leaving the local harbour, you will have lunch at a local restaurant near the harbour. Afterwards you will board a catamaran and navigate along the Channel, passing the Isla de los Pájaros, a good spot for watching albatrosses, ducks, skuas, petrels, cauquenes and seagulls. You will also pass the Isla de los Lobos (Sea Lion Island), both of these islands, De los Pájaros and De los Lobos belong to the Bridges archipelago.

Upon arrival at Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, you can see the colonies of cormorants. Continuing the trip to the east, enjoy a beautiful landscape of the channel and the surrounding mountains.

From here you will see the Argentinean coast and Puerto Almanza and also the Chilean coast and the naval base of Puerto Williams.

Upon arrival to the Island of Martillo you will have the chance to see a colony of Magellan penguins and some penguins from Papua.

Return to Ushuaia navigating close to the northern coast of the channel, appreciate the typical flora of the area and the historical sites such as the Estancia Túnel and Estancia Remolino. Along this coast lies the hull of the cargo and passengers ship, Monte Sarmiento which sunk in 1912.

As the journey ends, you will see the marvelous landscape that surrounds Ushuaia city with its mountains.


Overnight at Hotel Patagonia Jarke 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Cilene del Faro 4* (local category 4*) or similar (garden view room)

Day 06 – Wednesday                                                       Ushuaia – Calafate / Approx. 28 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transfer hotel – airport
  • Flight Ushuaia – Calafate (not included)
  • Transfer airport – hotel

Transfer to the airport and flight to El Calafate (not included). Pick up at the airport by our local guide and transfer to the hotel.

El CalafateThe village of El Calafate on Lake Argentino is well known. There is a chapel dedicated to Santa Teresa in the centre and behind it Perito Moreno Street, which gently climbs the large hill south of the town, from which one can see the silhouette of the south end of the Andes, Lake Redonda and the Island of Soledad on Lake Argentino. It is the southern gateway to the Los Glaciares National Park, which is 50 km (31 mi) away. On the alluvial plain by the lake there are many interesting birds, and in the other direction there is the opportunity for good hill walking. Colourful cave paintings are also interesting to see.


Overnight at Hotel Sierra Nevada 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Kosten Aike 4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)

Day 07 – Thursday                                                                             Calafate / Approx. 95 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Full day tour Todo Glaciares navigation Tour – On shared basis

Today guests will take the full day Todo Glaciares navigation Tour.

Departure from your hotel to the Port of Punta Bandera, 47 km away from El Calafate, where we will board a comfortable boat in order to navigate Lake Argentino and to the Upsala Glacier, one of the largest among the continental glaciers. After crossing “Boca del Diablo”, the lake´s narrowest point and natural gateway to the Northern Canal, the route heads West. While the scenery turns into woods and high mountains with hanging glaciers, the boat finds itself surrounded by enormous icebergs, proof of Upsala Glacier´s regression process, until reaching the huge front.

Later, the boat continues its route entering Spegazzini Canal. You will have the chance to disembark at the Spegazzini base and take a pleasant trek along Bahía de Todos los Glaciares to Spegazzini shelter.

Optional (not included) lunch at the Spegazzini shelter, which has a main room overlooking the lake and the glacier – capacity 300 guests. It also has a 2nd smaller room, capacity 80 guests with a private terrace.

Two Trekking circuits which can be done:

Sendero del Bosque, about 300m from the pier to the Spegazzini Base. Treking includes different stops with interesting explanations about glaciology, history, flora & fauna and offers amazing look-out points. This is an easy trek with no difficulty as it is a flat terrain.

Sendero de la Montaña, about 700m, this is more difficult, with trekking through the woods, which will offer natural look-out points.

Finally, return to the pier where you will embark and return to El Calafate and your hotel.

**Remark: depending on the weather conditions, huge icebergs can carve off from Upsala Glacier and form a wide barrier of ice which occasionally prevents the entry, approach and/or descent to certain points in the itinerary. This is checked daily due to safety reasons.

Meals are not included, at Spegazzini shelter (extra cost applies) but clients can bring their own lunch box from El Calafate.

It is recommended to wear warm clothing, waterproof jacket, gloves, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Once the ticket is purchased, there is not refund at all in case of cancellation.


Boarding time: 08:30hs            (departure from El Calafate 07:00hs)

Disembarking time: 16:00hs     (arrival at El Calafate 17:00 hs)

Operates:  daily (except Dec 25th and Jan 01st) – Operation begins in October

Capacity: 200 to 300 passengers. Captain’s Club cabins’ holding capacity varies from 16 to 30, depending on the ship.

** This tour is shared with other international travelers.

Bilingual guide assistance English/Spanish is included.  


Overnight at Hotel Sierra Nevada 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Kosten Aike 4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)

Day 08 – Friday                                El Calafate - Perito Moreno – Calafate/ Approx. 120 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Full day tour Perito Moreno – On shared basis

Today guests will take a full day tour to the Perito Moreno Glacier. After a drive through the National Park de Los Glaciares, you arrive to a forest full of colours, after which one sees - quite unexpectedly - the glacier Perito Moreno. This is one of the few glaciers that is still growing. Every 4 to 5 years it covers the gap between the mainland and itself and grows into the Lake Argentino. Eventually the ice cannot resist the enormous pressure of the water and crashes with a frightening noise. One can watch this glacier spectacle every day when single ice blocks fall into the lake. Considering that the glacier is 5 km long and 70 m high one can imagine the noise this makes. Here we will have 2 hours to experience the glacier before driving back to El Calafate.

**Remark: The excursion is shared with international travellers and accompanied by an English-speaking guide.


Overnight at Hotel Sierra Nevada 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Kosten Aike 4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)

Day 09 – Saturday                                           Calafate – Puerto Natales / Approx. 272.4 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transfer hotel – bus terminal
  • Transfer with public bus El Calafate – Puerto Natales – On shared basis
  • Transfer bus terminal Puerto Natales – hotel

In the morning transfer to the bus terminal. From here, guests will travel with the public bus without guide to Puerto Natales. On arrival to Puerto Natales, transfer at the bus terminal to your hotel.

**Remark: The transfer from Calafate to Puerto Natales is in a public bus, without local guide.


Overnight at Hotel Vendaval 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Costaustralis 4* (local category 4*) or similar (sea view room)

Day 10 – Sunday                   Pto. Natales - National Park – Pto. Natales / Approx. 119 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Full day excursion into the Torres del Paine National Park – On shared basis

After breakfast, drive to the Torres del Paine National Park. You will be able to appreciate the most spectacular worldwide reserve at the end of the world and 150km northwest from Puerto Natales. In this protected area, you will find a fertile combination of lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers, hills, and peaks. Inside the area, the road is surrounded with dozens of lagoons, contrasting with hills and snow-capped mountains. You will visit among others, the Milodon Cave and the Salto Grande waterfall.

In the late afternoon, drive back to the hotel.

**Remark: The excursion is shared with other international travellers and accompanied by an English-speaking guide.


Overnight at Hotel Vendaval 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Costaustralis 4* (local category 4*) or similar (sea view room)

Day 11 – Monday                 Puerto Natales – Punta Arenas – Santiago / Approx. 254.5 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transfer hotel – bus terminal Puerto Natales
  • Transfer by public bus Puerto Natales – Punta Arenas – On shared basis without guide
  • Assistance at the airport
  • Flight Punta Arenas – Santiago (not included)
  • Transfer airport Santiago – hotel

Early morning transfer to the bus terminal in Puerto Natales and transfer by public bus (4h) to Punta Arenas.

At the airport an English-speaking guide will assist you with the formalities.

**Remark: The transfer from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas is in a public bus, without local guide.

Flight to Santiago de Chile (not included)

Santiago de Chile - Dynamic and cosmopolitan Santiago is a vital and versatile city. Home to many events showcasing the very best of Chilean culture, it also hosts superb international festivals of sound, flavor, and colour. The Chilean capital breathes new life into all its visitors! The city’s diversity shines through in its many contrasting neighborhoods. Set out to explore the city streets and you will discover beautiful and original art galleries, design shops and handicraft markets, as well as a great selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Night owls can enjoy a taste of lively Latino nightlife in hip Bellavista! Visit downtown Santiago to get a real feel for the city. Learn more about the country and its many fine museums or wander around the famous Central Market – a gourmet’s delight. Fans of the great outdoors can head for the hills that surround the city and marvel at panoramic views of Santiago with the magnificent Andes as a backdrop. Take the opportunity to grab a picnic and visit one of the cities’ many parks.
You will find first-rate shopping opportunities in the stylish Alonso de Córdoba neighborhood and in the city’s many modern malls.

Upon arrival pick-up and transfer to the hotel.


Overnight at Hotel MR. Express 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Marina Las Condes 4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)

Day 12 – Tuesday                                                            Santiago de Chile / Approx. 22,5 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Half day city tour Santiago

Santiago de Chile is a city of contrasts with traces of its colonial past mixed with the ultramodern, high-rise buildings of the financial center; Chile’s capital will surprise you. This tour offers you the opportunity to see this eclectic mix for yourself. The tour begins by heading south through the downtown area in order to arrive to the heart of the city. From here you head along the famous Alameda, Santiago’s colourful main avenue, where you’ll see some important iconic constructions such as the Chilean University, San Francisco Church and the Santa Lucia Hill, site of Santiago’s foundation in 1541. Then you continue towards the Plaza de Armas and the cathedral. Very close from here is the famous Central Market, which is the main market for fresh fish and seafood, this is an interesting building, dating back to the end of the 19th century: It is a steel construction, built in London and brought to Chile by ship. Afterwards, you continue the tour crossing the Mapocho River to reach the bohemian Bellavista district which is on the way to the Hill of San Cristobal. From one of the hill’s viewpoints, you will have the finest views of Santiago and the Andes Mountains. To round off the tour, you will pass through the modern residential areas of the city with their daring architecture to return to your hotel.

**Remark: Saturdays and Sundays San Cristobal Hill is closed to vehicles from 08:00 to 14:00 hrs. For city tours that take place in the morning the Santa Lucia´s Hill will be visited instead.

Optional: Wine pairing at Vinolia (3 hours)

We invite you to discover the secrets of the Chilean wine without leaving Santiago!

We will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Vinolia: “The wine adventure”, where in the “Sensory exploration room” you can discover 48 aromas associated with wine, in a setting that also recreates sounds and images and gives a sense of being in a vineyard.

The visit continues in the cinema room with a virtual panoramic flight that shows you the Casablanca, Maipo and the Colchagua Valley on a giant screen. Five wineries have been chosen in accordance with the quality and prestige of their wines.

As you watch the video, you will taste five superior-quality wines, one from each winery, as the winemaker leads the tasting on screen and reveals the secrets behind each label. The tasting is accompanied by a selection of cheeses and dried fruits.

Once the tour has finished, visitors are free to continue enjoying their visit in the Emporium of the Wine & Appetizers at their leisure. Afterwards return to your hotel.

**Remark: The transfers hotel/Vinolia/hotel are on private basis with English speaking guide (who will assist you until the Sensory exploration room only). The visit at Vinolia is together with other international travelers. The film shown during the wine taste is in Spanish with English subtitles. The winemakers only speak Spanish.  


Overnight at Hotel MR. Express 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Marina Las Condes 4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)

Day 13 – Wednesday                                                      Santiago de Chile / Approx. 25,2 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transfer hotel – airport

Transfer to the airport for flight back home.

End of our services

For a more intense travel experience TRAVEL PERU offers individual extensions to different regions. Please request program and price information.

 General Conditions


  1. Departure is guaranteed with a minimum of 02 participants. The operation of the tour can only be guaranteed by the end of the free cancellation deadline of the land services, which is 50 days prior to departure (release).
  2. The transfers on arrival and departure day are included in the roundtrip rate from 02 persons on; in case 01 pax arrives/departs separately, surcharges for extra transfers will apply.
  3. All transfers and excursions are on TRAVEL PERU-seat-in-service and include local English-speaking guides (changing in each area), except of the following non-TRAVEL PERU-exclusive services:
  • Day 02: Dinner & Tango Show at Viejo Almacén Tango House on regular seat-in-basis. Transfers with Spanish speaking driver
  • Day 05: Trekking at Isla Martillo and Estancia Harberton Tour or Penguin Colony navigation Tour on regular seat-in-basis
  • Day 07: Perito Moreno on regular seat-in basis
  • Day 08 + 10: Transfers El Calafate-Puerto Natales-Punta Arenas by public bus without local guide
  • Day 09: Excursion to Paine National Park on regular seat-in basis

Transfers and excursions are provided together for passengers of both hotel categories: standard and superior.

  1. The small group guarantee of max. 12 participants cannot be ensured for services on regular seat-in-basis (non-TRAVEL PERU-exclusive services).
  2. Full payment of program 60 days prior to departure, please note any internal flights booked to be paid in full once confirmation of flights given.
  3. Cancellation Policy:
  • Until 50 days prior departure no cancellation fee
  • From 49 until 31 days prior departure maximum 50% cancellation fee
  • From 30 until 20 days prior departure maximum 80% cancellation fee
  • From 19 until 0 days prior departure there will be 95% cancellation fee

Cancellation fees for flights are subject to separate cancellation conditions depending on the Airline. For some airlines cancellation fees will apply already 60 days before arrival.

  1. Covid19:
  • TRAVEL PERU is not responsible for any Health Protocols and other requirements inflicted for both entry and departure ex/to any country within South America. Guests shall contact the corresponding embassies in their countries to check about any limitations or required Health controls when entering or departing each destination.
  • In case your booking is suffering changes due to protocols implemented by the government, your TRAVEL PERU contact will advise you latest at the time of reconfirmation of the booking.
  • In case a guest tests positive while traveling in South America, he/she will be obliged to follow each country's and hotel's protocol regarding quarantine and follow-up testing. As some hotels refuse to host guests who tested positive for Covid19, hotel changes might be necessary. Any extra costs resulting from Covid19 related quarantine or re-routing of the guest need to be paid directly by the guest or her/his insurance. TRAVEL PERU will assist throughout the stay.
  • In the unlikely event that traveling will be made impossible due to government regulations such as closed borders in either the country of origin of the guest or the destination, TRAVEL PERU will be refunding the cost of the trip.
  • In case a guest tests positive for Covid19 before traveling to South America and provides a copy of the positive test results, TRAVEL PERU will be refunding the cost of the trip.
  • Exceptions might apply for air tickets issued through TRAVEL PERU.
  • Refunds will be done once suppliers refunded any advance payments to our bank account.
  • We strongly suggest all guests planning to come to South America purchase comprehensive travel insurance covering Covid19 related costs.
  1. TRAVEL PERU is not responsible for any belongings of the passengers carried during any services rendered by TRAVEL PERU, such as transfers or tours.
  2. In case of early transfers breakfast at the hotel cannot be guaranteed. If a dinner is included in the program, it cannot be guaranteed in case of unforeseen late arrivals.
  3. The mentioned kilometers do not include the distances covered by airplane, boat or on trekking excursions.
  4. For the internal flights as shown in this program, TRAVEL PERU can offer this service and book/ reserve all your flights. If you require this service, TRAVEL PERU will book/reserve your flights and invoice you for the total amount. If you wish to book and reserve your flights directly yourselves, TRAVEL PERU will provide all the carriers and flight information necessary, so you can book. This will hopefully ensure that the whole group will travel together on the same flights.
  5. Our prices include taxes, entrance fees, tax & service charges in the hotels and the obligatory luggage fees at the airports and in the hotels. Meals are included as and when mentioned in our program (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
  6. Our prices do not include airport taxes, airfares, personal expenses, extras in the hotels and tips.
  7. TRAVEL PERU has the right to sell this tour to other clients without any exception.
  8. The above-mentioned rates for pre- and post-nights at the group hotels are subject to availability and valid for max. 3 nights. During special events at the hotels and from the 4th night on, a higher rate could apply.
  9. Optional tours can only be booked through our local TRAVEL PERU-office or TRAVEL PERU-guides. TRAVEL PERU cannot be held responsible for tours booked via any other supplier. Tours have to be paid on the spot. Payment by credit card is not always accepted.
  10. Flights not booked via TRAVEL PERU can only be reconfirmed by TRAVEL PERU with the correct and complete file key of your booking.
  11. For group flight reservations in general, no seat assignments can be made in advance so that preferred seating cannot be guaranteed. Groups are checked in at the airport, when the seats are distributed by the airlin
  12. 8 weeks prior to arrival complete passenger details including full name, passport number and validity date, Nationality, date of birth and international ticket number are required.
  13. Rates for accommodation services in Argentina are based on bookings made by non-resident foreign visitors. For nationals or foreign residents in Argentina, these rates are not valid and a surcharge of 21% local tax applies on all hotel services will be applied. TRAVEL PERU will require the complete information (name and surname, nationality, country of residence, passport number) on behalf of each passenger at the time of placing a firm booking (FITs) or at the time of confirming the final allotment of a group booking or series (“final rooming list”). In some cases, we may require you to send us a copy of the passports of each passenger.

Important: Cancellation charges for hotel services may increase to 121% of the sales rate in case of no-show or last-minute cancellation. In such cases the 21% local tax (IVA), which are refunded to tourists with foreign residency, will be charged in addition to our quoted hotel rates.

  1. Rates for hotel services in Chile are based on bookings made by non-resident foreign visitors. For nationals or foreign residents in Chile, rates are not valid and a surcharge of 19% local tax applies on all hotel services.

Important: Cancellation charges for hotel services may increase to 119% of the sales rate in case of no-show or last-minute cancellation. In such cases the 19% local tax (IVA), from which tourists are exonerated upon presentation of their passport during Check-in, will be charged in addition to our quoted hotel rates.

  1. Since the 9th of May 2020, Australians can enter Chile with an electronic visa. All the necessary information and the required documents can be found on the website To file the application for the electronic visa, visit the website
  2. Visitors entering with passports from Australia, Albania or Mexico have to pay a reciprocity fee when entering Chile through the international airport in Santiago. The amount varies due to the country of origin and is subject to change.
  3. Please inquire at the competent authorities about the actual entry permit, validity of passports and the vaccination regulations.
  4. Our general conditions apply.
  5. TRAVEL PERU liability will be limited to the reimbursement of services supplied for failure of services contracted by us. TRAVEL PERU cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, accident, delay, or irregularity occasioned by air-carriers or third-party suppliers and by natural phenomena, sickness, war, quarantine, strike, or any other kind of force major or by attendance to Federal Police, customs and Health Authorities regulations.

Conditions of Payment:

Unless otherwise agreed, the full payment is due 60 days prior to arrival.

Best of Peru: 09 Days

Best of Peru Incan World: 09 Days

Peru Land of Incas: 13 Days

Best of South America: 15 Days

Best of Brazil: 08 Days

Best of Peru and Brazil: 15 Days

Best of Argentina: 09 Days

Best of Argentina and Chile: 12 Days

Best of Argentina and Brazil: 8 Days

Best of Chile: 11 Days

Best of Colombia: 13 Days

Best of Ecuador: 10 Days

Peru and Ecuador: 12 Days