Corona Virus. 13th Edition. Mexico / Home. February 2022 to 09th March 2022.


Papachula, Tehuantepc, Salina Cruz, Huatulco, Crucecita, Cancun, London ( UK ). Febuary to March 9th 2020.

The end of two years travelling South America all during the Pandemic/ Covid.




Well folks I am in the last few days of my stay here in Huatulco, Mexico. I fly to England from Cancun on the 9th March 2022, practically two years to the day that I will have been traveling in Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico. Really, I cannot believe I have been traveling for so long. The time passes so quickly. I have been in Crucecito, Huatulco for most of February and it has been a very relaxing time. I have focused on visiting some of the many beaches here. Although I speak Spanish, I have been with my free time taking Spanish classes to improve the grammatical part of the language. These classes I have been doing on and off since May of 2021.  I would take them online, which has its advantages. I have also have been enjoying the coffee here, if you find the right coffee shop it’s a great taste. So, I arrived here on the 31st January 2022 from Tapachula after having crossed the Mexican border at Talisman. I stayed at Tapuchula two nights and left by night bus on the third night. I effectively had two enjoyable full days in Tapachula. I visited the local Port of Chiapas, the drive there was about an hour and that was pleasant enough, but the port frankly was scruffy and very un-interesting. The town of Tapuchula I found interesting. It was completely overrun by refuges from the Island of Haiti who had escaped a total collapse of there economy. They all came from Brazil overland and were now stuck in Tapachula, waiting permission from the Mexican Government to move on. There are so many that I imagine the Mexican Government has to be in control as their final destination was the United States of America. Anyway, you cannot help but notice all these people and they are very different to the local population. Strangely enough the town has benefited from all these migrants and the local economy has grown. Most of the Haitians receive economical support from their families who are in the United States of America. On the third night at about 8pm, took the overnight bus to Tehuantepec, which is close to Salina Cruz, it takes you northwards along the pacific coast. I arrived to Tehuantepec at 5am the next day, it was an un eventful journey, as it was the night time and I could not see too much. There is in reality nothing to really to see along this path. I latter met a guy who had stopped at the different places on the way. Two places that he called my attention was, Pijijiapan a small town, with a short access by road to the beach. The beach was called Chocohuital, according to him run down and not an awful lot going on. Then the other place was the Town of Tonola with the access road to Puerto Artista, again a beach, but the place was as well a little run down. In reality why would you want to stop of at any of these places, when you have beach towns such as Crucecita and Pto Escondido, to name just two, with fabulous beaches. So, I arrived to Tehuantepec and caught the local bus to Salina Cruz, which only took 30 minutes and there I picked up the bus to Huatulco and Crucecita. By mid-morning I had arrived to my hostel. There are so many lovely beaches you can visit here and if you like the sun and the beach this is a good place for you. Some of the beaches I visited were, Organo, Maguey, Conejos, Bocana and then by private boat I visited with a group of friends, Playas India, Chachacaul, Riscalillo, the nicest was Riscalillo and the only access to these three beaches is by boat. One very good walk is to the beach of Cacaluta, which is about 4 hours and it’s a nice hike and a very nice beach The closest beach to where I was staying was a twenty-minute walk and this was Santa Cruz.  It’s pretty commercial, with shops and restaurants and its also where the cruise liners dock and in the good times they can have as much as two a week, so I was told. On the whole though Santa Cruz was not a bad beach and I went there many times. The rest of the beaches you either walk or take a taxi. Finally, never went, but there is a place called Bocana, about 10/15 km from Crucecita, where there is a good surf and beach, plus hostel accommodation. Many surfers told me it was a very nice place to stay and to surf. So as I mentioned at the beginning, this journey has come to an end. I arrived to Gatwick on the 10th March 2022, all the rules surrounding Covid, have been dropped, the only rule I needed to abide by was a test for Covid on boarding the flight and on day 2 in the UK to take a further home test, which I then sent to the laboratory. Then believe it or not on the 18th March 2022, the government announced that no further tests are required when traveling or on the second day. So everything has returned to how it was when I left on the 15th March 2020. Welcome England. !!!



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