Hello my name is Stuart Wicks, I have lived and worked in Peru for more than twenty five years and I am the proud owner of Travel Peru.

I lived in Peru and managed my own travel company for more than twenty five years and gained a wealth of specialist travel experience, connections and know how. I lived in Lima and have two Peruvian sons. I am bilingual in Spanish and English, have Peruvian and UK passports and driving licences. I have organised and led many holidays through- out South America.

I love South America and all it has to offer. I would like to share my experiences and show you the delights of this exceptional continent. I never ceased to be amazed by its wonders.

My early years in Peru coincided with a difficult period in the country’ s history. Peru was bankrupt, out of control and largely dominated by the terrorist group, Sendero Luminoso. By 1995, Sendero Luminoso had been eliminated, the country had embarked on a privatisation program and the economy had begun to grow. By 2005 the country was well on the way to becoming a strong economy, aided by visitors flocking to its world-famous sights.

Today Peru is a stable and safe destination with a great future. Its countless natural and cultural treasures attract keen travellers from the world over, whilst its businesses thrive and international investment floods in. In short there has never been a better time to visit this beautiful region!

On looking back i was privilege to live through this historical period and witness Peru's development, ‘from this difficult and dark time to the present day.

Kind Regards … Stuart