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Peru – Also known as The Kingdom of the Sun, Peru is one of the most representative countries of Latin America due to the mix of native Indian, afro American and European cultures. Peru is a country where the traditional customs have transcended through the years and they are the base for the current way of life. The contrast produced because of the different landscapes and people is the reason why Peru is a country so interesting for you to visit. The City of Kings was once the scenario of the war against the Spanish conquerors, who came in a ruthless search for the gold that was hidden somewhere in Peru. However, their most wanted treasure was the Lost City of the Incas: Machu Picchu, which they never found.


Day 01 – Friday                                                                                        Lima/ Approx. 22 km

  • Transfer airport – hotel

Arrival at the airport in Lima where you will be welcomed and transferred to the hotel.

Lima was founded in 1535 by the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro as “The city of the kings” and became the capital and most important city of the Spanish Viceroyalty. Today it is still Peru’s most important city as it gives home to about 9 million people, almost 30% of the national population. The historical city centre comes with splendid colonial style architecture, ample squares as the Plaza de Armas (or Plaza Mayor) and grand churches which yielded it the declaration as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. In its modern quarters such as Miraflores and San Isidro you can find present day architecture, rich entertainment possibilities and a great number of first-class hotels and restaurants. Peruvian cuisine is excellent and gets more and more famous in the world and Peruvians are extremely proud of their typical dishes.


Overnight at Hotel La Hacienda Miraflores 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Premium Miraflores 4* (local category 5*) or similar (superior room)


Day 02 – Saturday                                                                                   Lima/ Approx. 35 km  

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • City Tour including San Francisco monastery and Larco Museum (5h)

Today you will explore the city on a sightseeing tour through Lima. The Plaza de Armas with the beautiful buildings of the government Palace, the town hall, the Palace of the archbishop and the cathedral are still the most important places in town. After that you will visit the beautiful San Francisco monastery which displays the largest collection of religious art in America. The highlight of this convent is the visit of the underground vaults known as “catacumbas” or catacombs.

Proceed through the modern districts of San Isidro and Miraflores and to the Coastline enjoying the view over the beaches of Lima and the Pacific Ocean.

Afterwards enjoy a guided visit of one of the Lima’s most noted museums, the Larco Museum which houses the world’s largest private collection of Peruvian pre-Columbian Art. Mr. Rafael Larco Hoyle founded the museum on July 28, 1926, in the Chiclin sugar estate in Trujillo, naming it as his father as an expression of filial homage. In 1958 he moved the collection to Lima, installing the Museum in a Colonial house in the district of Pueblo Libre, where it currently functions. This locale was adapted to the characteristics style of the 18th century Colonial houses from Trujillo. The approximate 45,000 objects of the collection have been exhibited to the public in the Permanent Hall, Jewellery Vault and the Classified Storage Area ever since.

The Halls of the Larco Museum are organized by subjects. The Metals, Ceramics, the Stones, the Culture, the Great Jewellery Vault and Textile Halls emphasize the technological aspects by Pre-Columbian cultures. Finally, the World’s unique Erotic Hall gives us a glimpse of the fascinating sexual life of ancient Peruvians.

In the afternoon the following optional tour can be booked:

Optional: Visit of the Waterpark and dinner (4h): (Can be booked when at destination with local office)

You will be picked up at the hotel and driven to the city center. You will visit the Parque de la Exposición, one of the biggest waterparks that exists within a city. There you can marvel at different shapes of fountains illuminated with different colors. The highlight of each evening is the music show at the biggest fountain with the water dancing at the rhythm of the tunes.

After the show you will stop at a famous restaurant in Barranco to enjoy a buffet dinner and a spectacular show of traditional folk dances from the Coast, Sierras and Jungle of Peru.

*Remark: Visit of the Waterpark is only possible from Tuesday to Sunday. The tour can also be booked on regular seat-in-basis (shared with other international travelers)


Overnight at Hotel La Hacienda Miraflores 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Premium Miraflores 4* (local category 5*) or similar (superior room)


Day 03 – Sunday                                                        Lima – Cusco – Yucay/ Approx. 66 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transfer hotel – airport
  • Flight Lima – Cusco (not included)
  • Transfer Airport Cusco – hotel Yucay including visit of the Chinchero community and the Chinchero market en route

Transfer to the airport for the flight to Cusco. Upon arrival you will start the tour with a visit to Chinchero community located 28km away from Cusco. Here are the remains of what was the royal hacienda of Tupac Inca Yupanqui, as well as beautiful colonial temples built on Inca’s foundations. However, its main attraction is its Sunday market originally dedicated to the people of the valley to barter their products. This colourful and lively market still fascinates people with its variety of handicrafts and textiles made in true pre-Columbian style.

Then you will be transferred to “El Mirador de Racchi” where you will have a splendid view of the Sacred Valley. Afterwards transfer to your hotel.


Overnight at Hotel Sonesta Posada del Inca Yucay 3-4* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness 4-5* (local category 5*) or similar (deluxe room)


Day 04 – Monday                                                                                   Yucay/ Approx. 46 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Half day excursion to the Ollantaytambo Ruins (4h)

Today a visit to Ollantaytambo, a typical Inca community, is included. Towering above the town of Ollantaytambo we will find the Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo. Steep stone terraces rising from the edge of town lead up to the fortress ruins at the top of the hill. A stone stairway leads up through the terrace walls, allowing visitors to step out on them. One of the best-preserved areas lies north of the Hanan Huacaypata square: an area of 15 blocks of houses built on top of carved stone walls.

Lunch in a typical restaurant.

For the afternoon program the following optional tours can be booked on site:

Optional: Moray and Maras (4h): (Can be booked when at destination with local office)

The excursion starts with the visit to Moray, a little Andean community which is famous for its embedded amphitheater, formed by four circular terraces which seem to disappear into the interior of the puna, like an artificial crater. Evidences seem to suggest that Moray was an important Inca agricultural research center. Finally, you will be transferred to visit the Salt Mines of Maras. With the salt which is tapped by exposing salt water that bubbles to the surface from a spring called Qoripujio in men-made wells to the sun, people earn their living. The view of this complex of nearly 3,000 wells is spectacular. The local people demonstrate the ancient techniques to visitors, even allowing you to participate.

*Remarks: Visits are not recommended during the rainy season (November to April)

Optional: Trekking to the terraces of Yucay (1h): (Can be booked when at destination with local office)

An easy and relaxing hike to enjoy nature. Behind the Plaza of Yucay you will see an impressive group of terraces that follow the outline of the mountain and are still in use by the locals.

The trail will take you to witness also the old Incan water channel used for the irrigation of the agricultural terraces.


Overnight at Hotel Sonesta Posada del Inca Yucay 3-4* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel & Wellness 4-5* (local category 5*) or similar (deluxe room)


Day 05 – Tuesday                                       Yucay – Machu Pichu – Cusco/ Approx. 150 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Full day tour to Machu Picchu

Transfer by bus to the train station of Ollantaytambo where the tour starts by train that goes through the fertile plain of the Urubamba valley and on to Aguas Calientes. From there, small busses drive up the steep mountain to the ruin town.

Machu Picchu called the Lost City of the Incas, this cultural heritage of mankind is a beautifully located impressive stone city constructed with a technique incredible for its era and even for present times. Stone upon stone, fitted together perfectly without any cement, with impressive delicacy, exquisite detail and discrimination worthy of the world’s greatest palaces. There are many theories about Machu Picchu, but one thing is for sure – it is one of the most impressive sites in the world.

Enjoy a guided visit of around 2 hours of the ruins and return by bus and train to Ollantaytambo station. Transfer to your hotel in Cusco.

Cusco – South America’s archaeological capital and oldest continuously inhabited city is now one of Peru’ s most important and most frequented tourist attractions. Nevertheless, it is still remaining its vivid legacy as the hub of the Inca Empire: Quechua-speaking Inca descendants can still be found multitudinously in the centuries-old stone-walled city streets.

Cusco also boasts magnificent repositories of colonial art – fine examples can be found in the Cathedral and Museum of Archaeology.


Overnight at Hotel Xima Cusco 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Aranwa Cusco Boutique 5* (local category 5*) or similar (deluxe room)


Day 06 – Wednesday                                                                             Cusco/ Approx. 25 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Half day city tour and visit of the ruins
  • Afternoon at free leisure

Today you will start for a half day city tour. It will be shown the exact centre of the Incan Empire, the Plaza de Armas. There one can find the cathedral built on the ruins of the ancient Inca Palace. The cathedral borders on other churches on both sides. Next stop will be the old town with its magnificent renovated colonial buildings; some of them are being used as hotels.

Proceed to Sacsayhuaman, a ruin site located approx. 3km above Cusco. Sacsayhuaman also offers a fabulous view over the city. Afterwards visit the surrounding ruins.

*Remark: To protect the historic center of Cusco, vehicles are no longer allowed in the main square.

The afternoon is free at leisure.


Overnight at Hotel Xima Cusco 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel Aranwa Cusco Boutique 5* (local category 5*) or similar (deluxe room)


Day 07 – Thursday                                                                  Cusco – Puno/ Approx. 390 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Overland transfer Cusco/Puno – On shared basis

A full day bus tour from Cusco to Puno leads through the Peruvian highland along snow-covered peaks of the Andes, small villages and reaches its highest point in La Raya at 4.300m above sea level. On route you will visit the town of Andahuaylillas, the ruins of Racchi and the small town of Pucara. Lunch in a typical restaurant en route is included.

Upon arrival in Puno transfer to your hotel.

*Remark: The full day transfer is shared with international travellers and accompanied by a bilingual English/Spanish speaking guide.

Puno – The beauty and charm of Puno town is made up by its habitants’ kind personality and by its mixture of typical Andean architecture that is to be found all way down from the sides of the hills until the bank of the Titicaca Lake. Its archaeological, cultural and architectural variety and richness owes Puno to the fact that it once has been inhabited by three different civilizations on the banks of the Titicaca Lake: Aymara, Quechua and Spanish. This multicultural origin has created a mestizo race that is also found in their artistic and cultural expression and especially in an incomparable folklore which is second to none and has made Puno the “Folklore Capital of Peru”. But the main attraction of Puno is the Titicaca Lake, a must for any visitor. The Sacred Lake of the Incas is one of the most enigmatic places in the world. It is the highest navigable lake and combines beautiful sights, culture and history.


Overnight at Hotel Xima Puno 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel GHL Lago Titicaca 4* (local category 5*) or similar (superior room)


Day 08 – Friday                                                                                       Puno/ Approx. 18 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Full day excursion Uros & Taquile including lunch – On shared basis

In the morning you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to Puno’s dock where you will depart towards the Uros Islands on Titicaca Lake. The Uros are 40 small floating islands made of packed totora (reed), located within the Titicaca National Reserve. Here the inhabitants of the lake, the Uros, live just as their ancestors did, maintaining their customs and idiosyncrasies.

After visiting the Uros Islands we will continue by boat to Taquile Island. There are no roads or electricity in Taquile and the locals have maintained their traditions and culture and many still wear traditional dresses. The Taquileños are known for their high-quality handicrafts, especially for the knitting, which is exclusively performed by males. In the main square there is a cooperative shop, selling woolen goods and hand-woven items, as well as a small church.

A typical lunch at Taquile Island is included.

*Remark: The excursion is shared with international travellers and accompanied by an English-speaking guide.


Overnight at Hotel Xima Puno 3* (local category 3*) or similar (standard room)


Overnight at Hotel GHL Lago Titicaca 4* (local category 5*) or similar (superior room)


Day 09 – Saturday                                                    Puno – Colca Canyon/ Approx. 300 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Transfer Puno – Colca Canyon (5h) with stops on the way

Today you start your excursion to the Colca Canyon. This canyon has a length of more than 100km and its deepest point is 3.400m. The best lookout is to be found at 3.800m above sea level.

On the way you visit the Aguada Blanca National Park where Vicuñas and Alpacas can be seen. You reach the best lookout at 4.910m above sea level. The view of the volcanoes Misti, Chachani, Ampato and the still active Sabancaya is just fantastic.

Lunch in a typical restaurant. Dinner at the hotel is included.


Dinner and overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Standard Colca 3* (local category 3*) or similar (traditional room)


Dinner and overnight at Hotel Colca Lodge 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (standard room)


Tag 10 – Sunday                                                Colca Canyon – Arequipa/ Approx. 168 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Visit of the Cruz del Condor and the villages Maca and Yanque
  • Transfer Colca Canyon – Arequipa (5h)

After an early breakfast start your trip to the lookouts Cruz del Condor, located at the deepest point of the canyon. The view is just fantastic and condors can be seen. Afterwards you will visit the colonial churches in Maca and Yanque as well as different lookouts with beautiful views.

Lunch in Chivay. Continue to Arequipa where you arrive in the late afternoon.


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Select Arequipa 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (superior room)


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Premium Arequipa 4* (local category 4*) or similar (superior room)


Day 11 – Monday                                                                               Arequipa/ Approx. 8 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • City tour including Santa Catalina convent (3h)

In the morning you will be picked up from your hotel to start the city tour through Arequipa, the so called “White City”, departing through the old neighbourhoods of San Lázaro. Then we will visit Arequipa’s Cathedral and the main square with its three portals. After that, we will continue with the “Compañía de Jesus”, exponent of the Spanish baroque-half caste of the XVII century, on its side there is the San Ignacio Chapel, also called “The Sistine of America”. Then we will continue with our visit to the Santa Catalina Convent, beautiful and romantic place from the XVI century, with the pure style of different Spanish cities.

The afternoon is at leisure.


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Select Arequipa 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (superior room)


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Premium Arequipa 4* (local category 4*) or similar (superior room)


Day 12 – Tuesday                                                                            Arequipa/ Approx. 16 km

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • The Route of the Picanterías (3,5h)

This morning you will visit four typical restaurants called “Picanterías” such as: La Benita Restaurant in Characato, The Lucila Restaurant in Sachaca, La Capitana and La Nueva Palomino Restaurant in Yanahuara. In those restaurants you will appreciate how the typical dishes from Arequipa are cooked, maintaining their customs and traditions like cooking with firewood in earthenware pots.

At each Picantería you will taste some of the most representative dishes such as: Adobo Arequipeño, Zarsa de Patitas, Sencca, Chupe Shrimp (soup) as well as Cuy (Guinea pig) and Chactao (deep fried). All this accompanied by a typical drink called Chicha de jora.

*Remark: For this tour it is recommended to have only a light breakfast.

After the food tasting lunch included at a typical restaurant.

The afternoon is at leisure.


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Select Arequipa 3-4* (local category 4*) or similar (superior room)


Overnight at Hotel Casa Andina Premium Arequipa 4* (local category 4*) or similar (superior room)


Day 13 – Wednesday                                                            Arequipa – Lima/ Approx. 9 km

  • Meals: Breakfast
  • Transfer hotel – airport
  • Flight Arequipa – Lima (not included)

Transfer to Arequipa airport and flight to Lima. Flight back to Europe. Additional nights in Lima and transfers can be booked upon request.




For a more intense travel experience Travel Peru offers individual extensions to different regions. Further details below the price information.


Price Information


with accommodation in (room)                                                Double                  Single*

Seat-in-coach rates from 2 pax on:

Price in US$ and can be paid in sterling at current exchange rate.

Valid from January until December 2021:

Standard hotels

per person net in STERLING ( £ )                                                 1.839,00                2.304,00

per person net in USD                                                                  2.255,00                2.824,00

Superior hotels

per person net in STERLING ( £ )                                                 2.210,00                3.025,00

per person net in USD                                                                  2.709,00                3.708,00

*Surcharges for single transfers on arrival and departure day can apply for single travelers.

You can book this tour on private basis (from 1 pax on):

  • All services on private basis, exception:
  • Day 07: Transfer Cusco/Puno on regular seat-in basis
  • Day 08: Excursion Uros & Taquile on regular seat-in basis

Valid from January until December 2021*:

Standard hotels

Basis 1 pax: per person net in STERLING ( £ )                                                           4.518,00

Basis 1 pax: per person net in USD                                                                             5.539,00

Basis 2 pax: per person net in STERLING ( £ )                             2.593,00                3.029,00

Basis 2 pax: per person net in USD                                               3.179,00                3.713,00

Superior hotels

Basis 1 pax: per person net in STERLING ( £ )                                                           5.246,00

Basis 1 pax: per person net in USD                                                                            6.431,00

Basis 2 pax: per person net in STERLING ( £ )                             2.849,00                3.696,00

Basis 2 pax: per person net in USD                                               3.492,00                4.531,00

* Please note that private departure rates are subject to reconfirmation and might not be valid on the following dates (due to Carnival, Easter, Christmas, New Year’s, local holidays, congresses and important events):


02.02.2021 – 11.02.2021 

01.04.2021 – 04.04.2021

18.04.2021 – 25.04.2021


20.06.2021 – 29.06.2021

28.07.2021 – 29.07.2021

20.09.2021 – 25.09.2021

24.12.2021 – 25.12.2021



Price Information – Flights

Additional airfares – TRAVEL PERU is not responsible for any changes made by the airlines and the resulting costs (i.e. airfares, schedule changes, cancellations, taxes, fuel- and other charges). Airfares can only be guaranteed upon ticketing and may vary with the number of passengers. Airport taxes are subject to change.


January – December 2021:

net p. p. USD 462,00 incl. Q-tax and national airport tax and international ticket number*



  • In order to issue the tickets it is important to receive the INTERNATIONAL TICKET DETAILS latest 6 weeks prior arrival.

General Conditions

  1. Departure is guaranteed with a minimum of 02 participants. If this number of persons ( 2 ) is not achieved 60 days prior to departure date, tour will be cancelled. Please note that in this case all monies paid will be returned including deposit.
  2. The transfers on arrival and departure day are included in the roundtrip rate from 02 persons onwards; in the case of 01 passenger arrival /departs separately, surcharges for extra transfers will apply.
  3. All Group size will be a max of 12 which will be for most of the tours, transfers and excursions for Seat-In-Service, which includes local English-speaking guides (changing in each area). There can be exceptions and these will be clearly stated below and will be known as non-exclusive services and are called, Regular Seat–in–Basis. This is where we will join with other passengers just for the services specified and our group size for these tours can be more than 12:
  • Day 07: The transfer Cusco/Puno is on regular seat-in basis.
  • Day 08: The excursion Uros & Taquile is on regular seat-in basis.

Transfers and excursions are provided together for passengers of both hotel categories: standard and superior.

  1. The great advantage of all these programs called, ‘Seat on Coach ‘, is that they will operate between 2 and 12 passengers. They are guaranteed departures and the group will be together for the duration of the program. The maximum size of 12 is small and you can be sure to enjoy all the tours and services provided on this basis. All the tours will be with local English-speaking guides and change according to the region you are visiting. After the tour you will have your own free time, you can mix within the group or just be on your own. There is no over all Tour Leader for the group, so your free time is yours.
  2. Cancellation Policy:
  • From 59 until 31 days prior departure maximum 50% cancellation fee
  • From 30 until 20 days prior departure maximum 80% cancellation fee
  • From 19 until 0 days prior departure there will be 100% cancellation fee

Cancellation fees for flights are subject to separate cancellation conditions depending on the airline. For some airline’s cancellation fees will apply already 70 days before arrival.

  1. In case of early transfers breakfast in the hotel cannot be guaranteed. If a dinner is included in the program it cannot be guaranteed in case of unforeseen late arrivals.
  2. The mentioned kilometres do not include the distances covered by airplane, boat or on trekking excursions.
  3. Travel Peru is not responsible for any belongings of the passengers carried during any services rendered by Travel Peru, such as transfers or tours.
  4. Bordering the train to/from Machu Picchu /Aguas Calientes the passport or copy has to be shown.
  5. For the train ride to/from Machu Picchu /Aguas Calientes only one 5 kg piece of hand luggage is allowed. For the visit of Machu Picchu we recommend good shoes, the trail is without handrail and could be slippery. Walking sticks need to have a rubbery end in order to be permitted inside the Sanctuary.
  6. For entering Machu Picchu Sanctuary, it is not allowed to bring glass, plastic bottles or food. Large backpacks (more than 20 litre volume) have to be stored at an extra cost at the storage by the entrance.
  7. For groups travelling through Cusco please note that due to regulations in order to protect the historic buildings and streets, certain larger vehicle sizes are not allowed in some central areas of the city. This implies that that various parts of the city tour will be done walking, and in order to approach hotels groups will be split up temporarily in smaller vehicles, and some vehicles will be travelling for a short period of time without an assistant (driver only).
  8. Travel Peru holds an allotment for the required internal flights and can book/reserve all flights. If you require Travel Peru to book/reserve your flights please confirm and we will invoice you directly for these services. Tickets will be given to you at destination. If you wish to book directly your flights, Travel Peru will confirm the flights that you will need. With this we can try to ensure that the whole group will travel together on the same flights to avoid extra transfer costs.
  9. Our prices includes hotels, transfers, tours in seat in coach/service and regular seat on the basis specified in point no 3, taxes, entrance fees. Meals are included as and when mentioned in our program. Unless mention lunch and dinner does not include drinks.  (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner).
  10. Our prices do not include: airport taxes, international and local airfares, personal expenses, extras in the hotels and tips.
  11. The above mentioned rates for pre- and post-nights at the group hotels are subject to availability and valid for max. 3 nights. From the 4th night on, a higher rate could apply.
  12. If you wish to book additional tours please advise. Travel Peru cannot be held responsible for tours booked via any other supplier.
  13. Flights not booked via Travel Peru can only be reconfirmed by Travel Peru with the correct booking details supplied.
  • On booking we will require full name, passport number and validity date, nationality, date of birth and at least 10 weeks prior to starting your program international flight details.
  1. Our quoted hotel rates in Peru do not include 18% local VAT tax. Peruvian law exonerates all foreigners visiting Peru for periods of sixty days or less, of the 18% local VAT tax. This will be verified by means of presenting your passport when checking into the hotel, a copy will be taken.

Important: Cancellation charges for hotel services may increase to 118% of the sales rate in case of no-show or last-minute cancellation. In case the requirements are not met by the guests, the 18% local VAT tax will be charged directly to them. .

  1. With regard to Visas or vaccination regulations please check this in your country.
  2. Travel Peru liability will be limited to the reimbursement of services supplied for failure of services contracted by us. Travel Peru cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity occasioned by air-carriers or third-party suppliers and by natural phenomena, sickness, war, quarantine, strike, or any other kind of force major or by attendance to Federal Police, customs and Health Authorities regulations.
  3. All distances given in itinerary are only an approx and does not include any journey by air.

Conditions of Payment:

On booking 10% deposit non-refundable.

Full payment is due 60 days prior to arrival.

Payment method can be via bank transfer (Bank details are provided on each invoice). We also accept credit card payment processed via PayPal (Please add 2% to cover commission charge from card companies) – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal.  PayPal might require you to set up an account to process payment.


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