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There are many ways of visiting Peru, it is a country which has all the elements, coast,  beach, desert, mountains and jungle, it is full of archaeological treasures and ancient civilisations, the ' Inca's' being the most well known.

Peru offers wild beaches with great surfing, the National Reserve of Paracas, which is on the edge of the desert and further inland the great phenomena, the Nazca Lines.

The Huascaran one of the highest mountains in the world which is near the town of Huaraz. Cusco the Inca Citadel, which lies at more than three thousand meters above sea level and just a few hours further away is one of the seven wonders of the world, the majestic and mysterious Inca Citadel, the lost City of Machu Picchu.

Then we have the great Peruvian jungle of Madre Dios, Manu and the Pacaya Samiria a treat from nature. In the north of Peru we have further experiences, the Chimu and Mochica civilisations focused around Chiclayo and Trujillo and further to the north,  Chachapoya and the great discovery of Kuelap, all related to further ancient civilisations that grew up in the area. So much to see and do.

Peru features one of highest railway crossings in the world at Ticlo,  5,000 meters above sea level and crossing the snowline. This is a spectacular journey from the hot steamy climate in Lima, right up into the Andes. This railway line was built by Scottish Engineers at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Peru borders Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador all of which can be accessed overland, in the case of Chile and Argentina through the salt lakes of Bolivia, Brazil through Iquitos and the Amazon or through Pto Maldonado and along the Oceanic Highway. Finally, Ecuador one needs to travel north passing the great beaches of Mancora until you hit the border, where you cross over.

All of these routes can all be made into wonderful itineraries.

We can develop our programs according to the time you have, the longer you have, the more you can see.

I have given some examples of programs below which can give you some ideas, and can serve as a start to us working out your very own tailor-made itinerary.


» Peru, Bolivia and Chile

» Peru, Bolivia and Argentina


As with all Travel Peru itineraries, the choice is always yours. I will be delighted to design a bespoke trip to cater to your taste, budget and available time.


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