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Group Size small: 10/14 persons all ages.


Join and explore Peru with us, your group will be led by Stuart Wicks owner of Travel Peru with more than twenty years living there. Enjoy the adventure, plus a great social experience. Overland by private bus all the way from Lima to Paracas, Arequipa, Colca, Puno, Cusco and finally Machu Picchu with just one flight returning from Cusco to Lima. This program has been designed to give you time and space to enjoy this wonderful country and not to be constantly on the go. With this eighteen-day program come to know Peru, as we visit many places of interest and beauty and by the end of it you will have seen a lot of key parts of this country.  As your tour leader, I’ll be able to share what I know and love of Peru and this can engender a close group feeling/experience. Our group size will be kept to a maximum of 14 persons.  We have chosen some nice Tourist Class properties with plenty of opportunity to sample the great cuisine. Please note some meals are included in the program.

There is always the option to extend your programme if you so wish, e.g. to visit the jungle, travel to the North of the country, or enjoy the beautiful beaches, just lets us know and we can advise you.

We look forward to seeing you!

All our groups are kept to a nice size which keeps that personalised feeling amongst everyone.

Lima- Paracas – Nazca – Arequipa-Colca Canyon-Puno-Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu – Cusco-Lima.

18 Days/ 17 Nights

17 Nights: Hotels.

17 Breakfasts/ 09 Lunch’s/ 2 Dinners

Private Tours

Tour Leader

Day 01:  (Tue): Arrive to Lima

Upon arrival to Lima Airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel in the popular area of Miraflores by the sea. This district is very open and attractive with many restaurants’ shops and good walks, as well as easy access into the centre of the capital, Lima. Overnight.

Day 02: (Wed): Lima

It is always in my opinion worth a full day in Lima to know a little about this city, its historical centre and dine in one of the many exquisite restaurants in and around the area of Miraflores. Peru has such a high recognition in the world of international cuisine.

In the morning you can relax in your hotel or we can walk the Malecon for some great ocean views, feel the heat and the sea smells as we stroll along the promenade lined with beautiful parks and sculptures. Stop and enjoy a Peruvian coffee and soak up the hustle and bustle of this capital city, visit the artisan market and take a casual preview of the amazing quality of crafts that you will get to see throughout your trip.

In the afternoon our local guide will collect us from our hotel for the first of many experiences we will have together. Visit Lima’s historical centre, the main square or Plaza de Armas with its Cathedral which was first built in 1555 and in 1746 was destroyed by a massive earthquake. It was then rebuilt on the same site under the direction of a Jesuit priest called Juan Rehr, you will find both its facade and interior are austere with its remarkable wooden choir stalls, altars and the tomb of Francisco Pizarro, who died in 1541. Going around the corner we will discover the old Church of San Francisco with its Convent, Art Museum, Cloisters, Catacombs and a large square outside. Afterwards we will walk and enjoy the panoramic view of the large main square with the Government Palace, the Municipal Hall and the old Victorian Train Station “Desamparados”. Boarding our bus drive through the very old streets feeding of the main square with its spectacular and traditional old Mansions and overhanging Moorish styled balconies. Continue through the classic and modern Lima before finally arriving back to Miraflores where we started and its beautiful ocean views.

In the evening, we can walk in Miraflores and enjoy the night atmosphere of this popular district before returning to our hotel. At the end of your first full day you will begin to know more about the culture and life here in Peru.

Overnight. (B)

Day 03:  (Thu): Lima / Paracas

In the morning we will board our private bus, which will be with us for the duration of the program. As a group we will travel overland together, stopping, visiting and exploring many places of interest until we arrive to Paracas. We will stay in a variety of very nice properties and be accompanied by your tour leader for the complete duration of the 18-day program.

After breakfast our luggage will be loaded onto our bus and we will make our way out of Lima and along the famous Pan American Highway which follows the pacific coastline and its many beaches. Some two hours later we will come to the town of Chincha, the home of black African music, a vibrant town where we will stop for a nice lunch before continuing south to Paracas and the desert. On arrival to our hotel which is located by the beach, we will have the rest of the afternoon free to relax by the pool, wander along the beach or we can explore the local village of Paracas.

Overnight.  (B, L)

Day 04:  (Frd): Paracas

In the morning take a short drive to the point of embarkation where we will board our boat for the two tour of the Ballestas Islands. This is a vibrant and colourfull wildlife sanctuary that is filled with wild birds and mammals, including Sea Lions, Fur Seals and endangered Humboldt Penguins. During this two-hour boat tour, you will come face-to-face with these animals in their natural habitation while you are onboard. On rare occasions it is even possible to see Dolphins and Whales. Obviously, this tour is a spectacular choice for animal lovers and birdwatchers. In addition to the animals named above, a wide range of seabirds also call these rocky islands their home. You may see and hear Pelicans, Boobies, red-footed Guanay Cormorants, and many other types of birds. Early in the 20th century, the guano (bird droppings) from all these birds was collected and sold as fertilizer. Due to the vast quantities of this valuable substance, this has become a major source of revenue for businesses on the coast. During this tour, you can observe a mysterious geoglyph similar to the Nazca Lines, that was carved into the face of a cliff over 1,000 years ago. This symbol is called The Candelabra and it remains the source of much speculation and debate. It likely was created by a local culture living on the coast at that time, for reasons unknown.

After returning to dry land we will board our transportation and explore more this region, first the Pisco a very popular national drink in Peru. Visit a local winery and Pisco Bodega, where we will learn how the Pisco is made and after sample some of the different types made. Visit the town of Ica and its small museum and after we will make our way to the Oasis of Huacachina where we will lunch. Latter we will board our Dune Buggies and drive across the desert for about an hour. For the more adventurous hire yourselves Sand Boards and surf down one of the large dunes around the Oasis of Huacachina, never too old for a little fun.

Late afternoon return to our hotel. Evening free to relax. Overnight. (B, L)

Day 05:  (Sat): Paracas / Nazca

In the morning we will board our bus and journey to Nazca, on arrival we will make our way to the small airdrome where we will board our Nazca Overflight, there can be delays due to the mist. Considered by many as one of the most mysterious places in the world, the Nazca Lines are well worth the visit. Only visible from up high in the air, there are more than 800 straight lines, 300 geometric figures and 70 animal and plant designs. The 30-minute flight will allow us to see a great number of these geoglyphs.

On return we will make our way to hotel where we can relax or for those who would like to explore, we can visit the town of Nazca and some of the interesting sites in this area such as the Cantalloc Aqueducts and the Chauchilla Cemetery.

Overnight. (B)

Day 06: (Sun): Nazca / Arequipa

In the morning we will board our bus for the full day journey to Arequipa following the coast and the sea before turning inland to arrive to our final destination. We will make some stops along the way for some photos and for lunch. Evening free and enjoy the beautiful town of Arequipa and its main square.

Overnight. (B, L)

Day 07: (Mon): Arequipa

Morning free to relax. In the afternoon meet our local guide for a tour of Arequipa’s highlights. The first stop the Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesus which exemplifies the city’s distinctive architectural heritage. The church exterior is a masterpiece of Andean baroque details sculpted from white sillar stone, while the interior displays a collection of paintings and wood carvings from the Cusco School of Art. The highlight is San Ignacio Chapel, the former sacrist with a stunning dome and walls covered in multicoloured murals depicting rainforest flora and fauna — an artifact of the Jesuits’ missionary efforts in the Amazon. Your next stop is the Plaza de Armas where the elegant stone-sculpted facade of the Basilica Cathedral steals the spotlight. You will continue to Santa Catalina Monastery, where the Spanish colony’s wealthiest nuns once resided within a convent big enough to have its own streets and plazas. The final stop on this tour will be a mirador (lookout point), either Yanahuara or Carmen Alto, where you will be able to get pictures of Misti Volcano looming over the city.

Evening free.  Enjoy dinner ( Not included ) at one of Arequipa’s many fine restaurants; recommended dishes include Rocoto Relleno and Chupe de Camarones, two Arequipenian specialities. Visit the Plaza de Armas for evening photos of the Cathedral. Then back to your hotel for some rest before an early morning departure to the Colca Canyon.

Overnight. (B)

Day 08: (Tue): Arequipa / Colca Canyon

In the morning we will board our bus for our exciting journey to one of the deepest Canyons in the world – “The Colca Canyon.”

Keep your eyes open and your camera ready because the drive is among the most spectacular in the Andes. From the White City of Arequipa, we will gradually ascend to the highland plains and enter the Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve, which includes the volcanoes Misti and Chachani within its borders as well as free-roaming herds of Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas, and Guanacos. You will reach Patapampa Pass at 15,300 feet (4,820 meters) above sea level before beginning the descent into Colca Canyon with breathtaking views of agricultural terraces along the way. Lunch and upon arrival to the small town of Chivay we will make our way to, ‘ La Calera’,  where you can soak in the natural hot springs or simply enjoy the beautiful terraced landscape that surrounds you.

In the afternoon we will drive a short distance to our hotel and enjoy a relaxing night under the starlit Andean sky. Overnight (B, L)

Day 09:  (Wed): Colca Canyon

Early in the morning we will make a departure to the “Condor’s Cross” from where the great Andean bird, the Condor may be spotted flying in circles above still farmed green pre-Hispanic terraces. Enjoy the impressive panorama of the Colca Canyon, one of the deepest in the World (3,180 m). On the way visit the Mirador of Wayrapunko, Antahuilque, Choquetico, where you will find the famous Hanging Tombs. At the Town of Yanque, visit the beautiful church and its characteristic cobbled stone streets among other attractions, after return to Chivay via the town of Maca. Lunch and after we can explore more of the valley. Overnight. (B, L)

Day 10:  (Thu): Colca Canyon / Puno

In the morning depart to Puno passing by Lagunilla where you will see the typical flora of the area, wild birds, sheep, vicuña and llama, with the ever-impressive Andean Mountains Range. Enjoy box lunch on the way. By the early afternoon arrive to Puno and our hotel. Rest of the day free to explore the local town of Puno. Overnight. (B, BL)

Day 11: (Frd): Puno

In the morning we will begin our full day visit to the floating island, known as “Uros” which is on Lake Titicaca,  the highest navigable Lake in the world and located 4 km / 2.5 miles from Puno. The original inhabitants of these floating islands are said to descend from one of the most ancient peoples of the America’s and still to this day practice their ancient traditions. Their dwellings made of totora reed are built on the surface of Lake Titicaca. Afterwards you will make your way by boat to the unique Island of Taquile where time appears to have stopped. The Mediterranean atmosphere of this place is striking, with its steps of stone and its houses centred around the square. Its indigenous community that lives here, has around 350 families that are descendants of the Incas and are well known for their textile activities, such as their beautifully woven chumpis (belts), chullos (caps), and ojotas (and sandals). According to the custom, officials are distinguished by black or brown caps. Taquile also offers a magnificent lake landscape from where the impressive snowfalls of the Cordillera Real (Real mountain chain) can be seen. Lunch and in the afternoon return by boat to Puno and your hotel, overnight. (B, L)

Day 12: (Sat):  Puno / Cusco / Sacred Valley

In the morning board our bus for the full day journey to Cusco with our local guide. We will make a stop for lunch and along the way visit the different sites such as Pucara, with its small museum of assorted monoliths, ceramics and sculptures from the ancient Pucará culture, La Raya the highest crossing point at 4,335 m. Visit the ancient temple of Raqchi built by the Inca Emperador Pachacútec with its high walls once a part of a large hall and nearby you will find six squares, each of which has several stone buildings that were likely used to house soldiers. The site also has around 200 round stone houses that may have been used to hold supplies of potatoes, corn, and quinoa and finally Andahuaylillas well known for its baroque church called the “Sistine Chapel of America.” Arriving to Cusco we will make a fairly short journey of about an hour into the Sacred Valley where we will stay for the next two nights. This is a very beautiful area and about a thousand meters lower than Cusco. Evening free to relax and overnight. (B, L)

Day 13:  (Sun): Sacred Valley

In the morning we will visit the archaeological complex of Pisac, during the course of our hike around this area, appreciate the magnificent Andean Terraces which were built to expand the agriculture lands. After visit the artisan market of Pisac a colourful local event that over the centuries has attracted local traders and remote communities from all over the valley, dressed in their traditional and colourful costumes. Enjoy the opportunity to interact with the local people and appreciate their craftsmanship, handicrafts as well as local fruit and vegetable stalls. As we drive around the valley observe the roofs of the Andean houses with their small figures of bulls which are thought to bring wealth to each family who has them; they are usually given as wedding gifts.

Buffet lunch and after we will make our way to the historical town of Ollantaytambo, with its distinct Inca urban planning, visit the religious, astronomical and military complex and observe how the ancient Peruvians moved boulders of nearly 60 metric tons from one mountain to another and across the river and valley. Finally, we will return to hotel in the Sacred Valley. Overnight. (B, L)

Day 14: (Mon): Sacred Valley / Machu Picchu

After breakfast, we will be transferred to the local station to board the train (Tourist Class) to Machu Picchu, a great World Heritage Site. This archaeological site was hidden for centuries until it came to light during the early 1900’s by the famous discoverer Hiram Bingham. It is impossible to describe in words how you will feel when faced with the citadel, a huge complex located between the mountains and the jungle and a wonderful challenge to your imagination. Upon arrival to the small village of Aguas Calientes which lies beneath ruins of Machu Picchu, we will make our way from the station to our hotel. In the afternoon enjoy a wander through the streets or we can hike and follow the trails out of the village.  You will notice the abundance of tropical vegetation, change of climate and an altitude lower than the Sacred Valley. Overnight. (B, D)

Day 15: (Tue): Machu Picchu / Cusco  

Early morning rise and take the shuttle bus uphill to Machu Picchu (approximately 20 minutes). On arrival depending on the weather, enjoy sun rise and after we will begin our tour of the Citadel where you will appreciate the history of this enigmatic and impressive place. It was built on a very special spot covered in vegetation between two mountains: the Machu Picchu (old mountain) and Huayna Picchu (young mountain), at the foot of which meanders the Urubamba or Vilcanota River (lower Jungle featuring abundant flora and fauna).  In the afternoon return to Aguas Calientes and board the train (Tourist Class) to Cusco. Upon arrival, reception and transfer to your hotel. Overnight.

Please note: The two small mountains on the actual site of the Sanctuary can be climbed, Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu. If you wish to do this after the tour there is an entrance ticket which needs to be purchased, which can be included for an additional cost. Both are great hikes and will give you great views at the summit. (B)

Day 16: ( Wed) : Cusco

This morning you’ll have time to explore Cusco on your own. Visit the Pre-Columbian Art Museum (MAP) or Casa Concha (Machu Picchu Museum). You can also explore the vendor stalls at San Pedro Market or browse artisan workshops and art galleries in the San Blas neighbourhood.

After lunch we will meet our guide for an afternoon tour of Cusco’s must-see sights. You will start on the Plaza de Armas, where your guide will begin to tell you about the history of South America’s oldest continuously inhabited city. You will enter into the Cusco Cathedral formerly the site of a temple to the Inca creator deity Viracocha and today a treasure trove for religious art produced by native artisans in the years after the Spanish Conquest. Next continue to Santo Domingo Monastery which was also constructed on the site of an Inca temple, Qoricancha or the Temple of the Sun. The building of the church atop the ruins ironically preserved parts of the Inca structures which were revealed intact after a devastating earthquake in 1950, that crumbled the Spanish construction. Finally visit the Inca ruins outside of Cusco, beginning at the fortress of Sacsayhuaman (site of an important battle between Inca and Spanish troops), and wrapping up the day with stops at Q’enko, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay.

At the end of the tour you will be returned to your hotel. Enjoy Cusco by night. Overnight. (B)

Day 17: (Thu): Cusco / Lima

In the morning at a coordinated hour transfer to board our flight back to Lima. Upon arrival we will be met and transferred to our hotel. Afternoon free and in the evening, we will enjoy our farewell dinner. Overnight. (B, D)

Day 18: (Frd): Lima

Transfer out to board our International flight home.  (B)


Program Cost :

Price is given in US$ with the most accurate rate of exchange to sterling at time of publishing. This could vary slightly on booking we will advise accordingly.

Group Size : Small Groups of 10 to 14 Persons max.

Price per person in Double Room (Sterling)   : £

Price per person in Double Room (USD)        : US$

Single Supplement                           (Sterling) : £

Single Supplement                           (US$)       : USD

National Flights :

Cost per person: Cusco / Lima (Sterling) :             £

Cost per person: Cusco / Lima (USD)     :             US$

What does your program include:

All Hotels plus breakfast with some meals as stated in program (L = Lunch BL = Box Lunch and D = Dinner). Your Tour Leader Stuart Wicks will be with you for the full 18 days and will be on hand during your free periods to help, advice and accompany those who wish to discover more. Your tours are in private, except the Ballestas Tour and the Nazca Overflight and includes all transfers and entrances.

What is not Included:

International Flights and Local Flight. Personal expenses, any extras purchased and tips. Unless specified drinks are not included with Lunch and Dinner provided in program.

To join Fixed Departure:

We will require your full name and passport details, along with a 10% non-refundable deposit.

Full Payment 60 Days prior to departure.

Payment method via bank transfer (Bank details are provided on each invoice). We also accept credit card payment processed via PayPal (Please add 2% to cover commission charge from card companies) – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or PayPal.  PayPal might require you to set up an account to process payment. 


Unless otherwise specified your holiday can be cancelled up to 60 days prior to arrival, except for the following:

Local Flight and train bookings. Any refund on these two items will advised accordingly as these items have specific cancelation terms.

Please note if minimum number are not reached for group departure all monies will be refunded including deposit.

Cancellation Policy:

Deposit non refundable

From 59 until 31 days prior departure maximum 50% cancellation fee

From 30 until 20 days prior departure maximum 80% cancellation fee

From 19 until 0 days prior departure there will be 100% cancellation fee

Travel Insurance:

You must have adequate insurance provision to cover the cost of assistance, including emergency repatriation, in the event of illness or other problems occurring during your holiday.

Travel Peru liability will be limited to the reimbursement of services supplied for failure of services contracted by us. Travel Peru cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, accident, delay or irregularity occasioned by air-carriers or third-party suppliers and by natural phenomena, sickness, war, quarantine, strike, or any other kind of force major or by attendance to Federal Police, customs and Health Authorities regulations

Important Remarks:

Rates for hotel services are based on bookings made by non-resident foreign visitors.

Hotel categories are all based on Peruvian standards.

In case of very early departures we cannot guarantee a full breakfast, this will depend on the hotel

At all hotels Check-in Time is usually after midday and Check-out before 11:00h. An Early-Check-in (ECI) or Late-Check-out (LCO) must be requested and can be provided upon surcharge subject to availability.

Programs are expected to be carried out as described, however Travel Peru reserves the right to change or adjust itineraries for the safety of our passengers.

Travel Peru is not responsible for visa and vaccination regulations.

Machu Picchu:

For the train ride to/from Machu Picchu /Aguas Calientes only one 5kg piece of hand luggage is allowed. In Cusco any extra luggage you may have can be stored at your hotel and collected on your return.

For the visit of Machu Picchu, we recommend good shoes, the trail is without handrail and could be slippery. Walking sticks need to have a rubbery end in order to be permitted inside the Sanctuary. Bags/Backpacks bigger than 40x35x20 as well as umbrellas, selfie sticks, comestibles and plastics like bags, straws and Styrofoam are not permitted inside the Sanctuary.

On arrival to Aguas Calientes, group will overnight and the next day we will visit Machu Picchu. Entrance Ticket to Machu Picchu is for the second day only and only one entry into the Sanctuary is allowed, you cannot come out and then go back in.

When to Travel:

From March right the way to November is a good period to visit Peru. March, April and May tend to be quieter in terms of visitors, June through to September is the high season tailing off in October and November.

General Information:

All general information can be found on our web site; If you have any further questions with regard to subjects such as clothing, the weather, or currency needed, send us an email or we can organise a phone call and talk to you personally.

In terms of health it is important to be aware that during this program we will arrive to fairly high altitude, Cusco for example is at about 3,500 meters. If you enjoy reasonable health you will not suffer, many people live at this altitude, but if you have any doubt you must consult your doctor.

Hotels selected for this program or similar:

Lima: Hotel Jose Antonio.

Located in the popular tourist district of Miraflores, it is in my opinion the best area to stay when in Lima. The hotel is quite close to the ocean and is well located giving good access to this area and all that is on offer.

Paracas: Hotel Double Tree Resort.

This is great hotel and well located by the beach. Enjoys a nice pool and a very relaxing environment.

Nazca: Hotel Majoro.

Nice friendly, relaxing hotel with a swimming pool.

Arequipa: Hotel San Agustin Posada del Monasterio.

Located in the historical area of Arequipa, with good access to the main square and all its charm.

Colca Canyon: Hotel Casa Andina.

This is a well-located property in the village of Chivay

Puno: Hotel Posada del Inca.

I personally think it’s nice when in Puno to stay by the lake and enjoy the peace, for this reason we have chosen the Posada. To visit the town of Puno is only a short taxi ride.

Sacred Valley: Hotel San Agustin Monasterio de la Recoleta.

This is a charming, atmospheric hotel. The Sacred Valley is a nature experience and after a full day tour of the Valley this is a nice environment to rest and be ready for the next day.

Machu Picchu: Hotel El Mapi.

This property is located in the centre of the small village of Aguas Calientes. It is a peaceful and comfortable place to enjoy your evening and overnight prior to visiting Machu Picchu in the morning.

Cusco: Hotel Casa Andina Koricancha.

Cusco is an experience on its own, a mystical and magical place. It is always important when staying here to be in the historical part of Cusco and to be immersed in its atmosphere and charm.

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Explorer Peru