A Spectacular Train Journey: Peru and Bolivia

There are many spectacular journeys you can do, one such experience I designed in the late nineties, was a beautiful itinerary by train through Peru and Boliva. I ended up executing eight departures over the years which I guided.

We would charter the trains on the different routes and our groups would be a mix of enthusiasts and just people that enjoyed traveling by train. The program took us to places least explored and you had a sense of excitement as you traveled, I could certainly tell quite a few stories.

I would like to offer this to anyone who has a group or who would like to form such a group.  We could set a departure based around my original program and enjoy this rare experience. We can charter trains, stop them, roll them in and out of tunnels, round corners, put a full head of steam for those great photos and video shots and enjoy lunches on-board. Naturally we will need a good group size, but it would be a trip you would never forget.

Get in touch if you would like to plan such a journey……

Now if you would like to extend your Peru experience into other countries in South America, here are some ideas that we can utilise in our programs. I will give them in brief at this stage, latter we can discuss further and come up with the best experience for you. Please refer to the itineraries.

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