Peru Travel Tips – Healthcare


You will have a wonderful time in Peru, but there are a number of things you should be aware of to make your travels as safe and enjoyable as possible.

First things first

It’s important when you travel to Peru (or any other country) that you have travel insurance with medical included, just in case you need to see a doctor for any reason.

In all the 25 years I have been in Peru, the only problems people have experienced have been occasional tummy upsets and altitude fatigue, both of which pass and will not hold you up for long!

Altitude sickness & upset stomachs

Changes in diet and environment can result is mild illness for some. High altitude can cause symptoms like mild heaches and tiredness, but they pass within a day or so. If you are affected by either, I’d always recommend taking an extra day’s rest before starting any tours.


Yellow Fever and Cholera are a cause of concern for some visitors, and Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory if you are visiting jungle areas.

But during my years in Peru, I have never known anyone to catch either, and there have been no outbreaks in Peru for decades. Regardless, everyone is advised to have their Yellow Fever jabs and bring Cholera tablets to guarantee their health.

Bottled Vs. tap water

I’d advise that for the duration of your stay you drink only bottled water and not water from taps.

National Vs. private healthcare

The medical system in Peru operates on two levels: national and private.

The national system is unfortunately poorly funded and overloaded, so if you do have need of your health insurance, you will without any doubt use the private system.

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