COVID 19 No 03 Inside Peru



High everyone, yes this is your insider in Peru, have been here since the middle of March. Just a little recap, the Peruvian Borders were actually closed just some days after I arrived in March and after which there was a complete lock down. Little by little the economy began to shut down, along with all the hotels. By May there was hardly any tourist and the few hotels which managed to stay open, began to work directly with the government giving quarantine for two weeks to people, i.e citizens arriving to Peru and certain working sectors. The streets became devoid of people and cars, by beginning of June the government began to introduce four phases to re activate the economy, ending more or less about now.

In October we will enter the final phase and according to government statements its International Airport in Lima, will begin to open for International Air Traffic. I would say by December this should all be back to normal and Peru can again receive International Tourist Traffic, giving life back to the many tourist destinations in Peru and South America.

Since July we have been allowed to travel internally in Peru and I am now in the north close to the Ecuadorian Border, at a place called Mancora. It enjoys wonderful beaches and warm weather all the year round, its beaches are beautiful, very authentic and very Peruvian. You can enjoy a wide range of hotels here, with great sea food and if you enjoy or would like to learn, wonderful surfing. After your time visiting the cultural delights of this country, it’s a nice place to just relax for a few days, take some sun and swim, before returning home.

On the way up to Mancora, made some further visits firstly Chiclayo with its great traditional markets and home to the Ancient Moche Civilization. You can visit places such as Sipan and the Valley of the Pyramids or better known as Tucume. Browse through the Witches Market and buy yourself some of the many brews on offer. Then onto Piura, where again you can find some wonderful markets.

From Mancora I plan to travel over to Tarapoto, Tingo Maria, Huanuco and Oxapampa great places to visit and right of the beaten track. Will update you all on the next part of the trip, but first will visit Huacabamba and the Lagunas de las Huaringas, well known for its mystical and Shaman Cultures.

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Stay safe and look out for my next blog in October.

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