Peru travel tips: money

All you need to know about the Nuevo Sol, conversion rates, ATMs and more.

Peruvian currency and the US dollar

The currency of Peru is the Nuevo Sol. There are 100 cents for one sol.

Conversion rate: USD $1.00 to approx. S/3 soles. Obviously the rate fluctuates, so please check the rate at the time of your visit.

Although the official currency of Peru is Sol, US dollars are widely accepted. So whilst it’s good to bring dollars, I’d advise you to bring a good supply of Soles as well as it will make you that little less conspicuous.

FYI: when you arrive in Lima airport there is a counter for exchanging US$ to Peruvian Soles. If you wait until you arrive in Peru to exchange your money here you’ll benefit from better exchange rates!

When outside of Lima carry enough cash to cover petty expenses.


Credit cards and ATMs

Credit cards are widely accepted in Peru, and there are ATM machines even in small towns, so you’ll always have access to cash. But please do doublecheck that your cards will work in Peru.

The most popular cards are Visa, MasterCard and Amercan Expres, though others are accepted too.

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